Celebration of Success - Graduation 2017

The OIC Graduation Ceremonies were held at the Zion Assembly Church in Harrisburg. The ceremony was held on Saturday, October 21, 2017. Fifty-six students received their high school equivalency certificates (GED/HiSET). Families, friends and supporters helped to celebrate their great accomplishment. You can see the graduates and hear their stories at our YouTube channel. Follow this link.

From Class to Market - A Community Engagement Experience

In August 2017, the morning English as a Second Language class took a trip to the nearby Farmers Market.  Before their trip, they learned vocabulary and conversations. After the trip, they talked and wrote about the experience. It was raining but the students enjoyed the outing anyway. (Hover over picture to read caption)

Visiting the Local Library

In September 2017, the morning English as a Second Language class visited the Madeline Olewine Library, a nearby branch of the Dauphin County library system.  To prepare, students talked about what they wanted to use or borrow. Many identified proof of ID or residence documents they would need to get a library card.  During the visit, several students received their library cards and checked out material.  Others used the computers or browsed magazines, children’s books and cookbooks.  The students suggested that the class return to the library again.  

Tunnel Greenhouse Reconstruction Project

Helpers from Penn State University Main Campus reconstructed the OIC tunnel greenhouse which was in disrepair. In one day they were able to dismantle the weather-worn greenhouse, replace it with brand new durable plastic siding and rebuild the structural supports. You can see from the pictures all the work that had to be done. Thanks Penn State! Later you'll see how the tunnel greenhouse and the OIC raised bed gardens were turned into a productive inner city garden.

Students and Facilitators at the Pine Street Presbyterian Church Adult Learning Center Engaged in Learning

Students at the Adult Learning Center are taught by volunteer facilitators. Some students are preparing to take their high school equivalency test, while other students are learning English language skills. The center is fully equipped with a computer lab and multiple individual study carrols where facilitators can give the students individual attention and instruction.